An Official Caucus of the South Carolina Democratic Party

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. 

                                                                              - Frederick Douglass

It has been said that "All politics is local". The truth is that all politics is personal! Why is it personal? Local refers to geography. People are thrust together by locality. People who live in the same area generally have the same needs and are confronted by the same problems. Personal refers to the connection between political power and my life. Personal refers to my vote and the quality of my life.


The problem is that the present political leadership (with few notable exceptions) has failed to get people to understand the direct impact the vote has on their personal, everyday lives.  People say, “my vote doesn’t count.” The secret is that they are right. Our individual vote has little real value. It is only when our vote is joined with other votes that they become powerful - a force to be reckoned with. Political leadership must stop telling us what is good for us and start asking us what we need to improve our lives and our circumstances; and those of our children and our children's children.

There is a difference in knowing what you need and knowing how to get what you need. We must act collectively to change our personal circumstances. It is in our personal interest to be politically informed and politically active. An ill-informed vote is the same as no vote. All politics is personal!

Why should you join the Democratic Black Caucus of South Carolina? The answer is simple.


  • Because you believe your support of the democratic party has been taken for granted


  • Because you believe party leadership should reflect your numbers


  • Because you believe the Democratic party platform can more adequately represent the interests and concerns of the African American community


  • Because you believe Democratic candidates and elected officials seeking your support can more  aggressively pursue the interests of the African American community


  • Because you believe the time for change is now

Because YOU want to be in the vanguard of that change.


Democratic Black Caucus of South Carolina